NC 18

Fully automated production and regrinding machine for carbide and HSS drills from Ø1 to 14.5 mm

Fast, simple, reliable, accurate, the ultimate cost saver

Choosing the NC18 for your workshop means giving yourself flexibility in the choice of production and sharpening of carbide and HSS drill bits.

A short training is enough to allow your operators to produce a wide variety of sharpening geometries, such as conical or facets relief, web thinning, second point angle, steps…

Technical specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH)
1 400 x 1 200 x 1 500 mm (4.6ft x 3.9ft x 5ft)
1 000 Kg (2200 lb)
Clamping tool
Pneumatic, accuracy collet W12 / W20 or 6 jaws mandrel
Grinding wheels
Ø 100 – CBN or diamond
Spindle performance
2.2 kW / max. 6000 rpm
Cooling system
Flow rate 65 l / min, grinding oil or emulsion
CNC Control
SIEMENS Sinumerik 840D SL with touch screen
Siemens synchronous motors with absolute encoder
Tool detection
3D Marposs sensor
Grinded drills dimensions
Ø 1 to 8 mm – max. length : 320 mm
Ø 2 to 14,5 mm (optional)
  • Right-hand helix twist drills with conical or facets relief
  • Gundrill bits for deep holes drilling with 1 or 2 flutes
  • Metal sheet drills
  • Step drills
  • Flat Bottom Drill Bits
  • Brad point, woodworking drill
  • Reamer
  • End mills with 1, 2, 3 or 4 lips
  • Countersinks
  • Taps
  • Engraving tools
  • Punches…


CNC Control
B&R Automation touch panel, with B&R servomotors
Clamping devices
with jaws or collets :
W12 Schaublin collets Ø1-8mm
W20 Schaublin collets Ø2-14.5mm
6 jaws mandrel Ø5-14mm
Automatic loader
Circular loader capacity 90 tools
New: individual programing now possible
Filtration for coolant
Integrated filtration with cartridge for grinding oil or emulsion (5μm- 20μm)
Integrated container
Automatic, gentle unloading via pneumatic actuator in oil
Automatic fire extinguisher system
Essential for all autonomous machine grinding with oil coolant
Oil mist extractor
The oil is removed from the air by centrifugal impaction, system installed on the top of the machine
HSK40 spindle
Ideal device to prepare the wheel outside of the machine, to dress the wheel, balance and measure it, for 1 or 2 wheels
For different electrical networks or transformer of insulation
Integrated modem
M2Me device from ETIC TELECOM to allow remote maintenance
Oelheld, partner for cutting oil and lubricant